with Emilia, Caspar, Leander, Charlotte, Linda,
Anna Böttcher, Max Riemelt, Sonja Gerhardt, Heino Ferch
Director: Christian Theede
Writer: Dirk Ahner
DOP: Matthias Fleischer
Producer: Michael Lehmann, Holger Ellermann
Co-Producer: Kerstin Ramcke (Nordfilm)
Service Producer Northern Ireland: Vivien Muller-Rommel (Studio Hamburg UK)
Commissioning Editor: Ole Kampovski, Sandra Le Blanc-Marissal (NDR)
Co-Producer: Sonja Ewers (Senator Filmproduktion)
Supported by: Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Nordmedia, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Northern Ireland Screen

Im Verleih von Wild Bunch Germany

Hamburg, 28. October 2019 – On the 9th of September, under renewed direction of Christian Theede, production started in Northern Ireland on the second movie of the young hobby-detectives from Hamburg: THE PERPPERCORNS AND THE TREASURE OF THE DEEP SEA. Filming will continue until the beginning of November. This new adventure of the "Peppercorns" is produced by LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION in co-production with Nordfilm, the ARD/NDR and Senator Filmproduktion. Filming begins in Northern Ireland, and continues in Hamburg, Amrum, Rügen, near Usedom, and in Bremen and Bremerhaven.  

12-year-old Alice (Emilia) can hardly believe her luck: she is allowed to spend the holidays with her boyfriend Tarun (Caspar)! But their plan to enjoy the summer is quickly turned upside down. In Northern Ireland Tarun and Alice are thrown into adventure, one they can only overcome with the help of their new Peppercorn-friends: Jonny (Leander), Clarissa (Charlotte) and Hanna (Linda Madita): Taruns mother Jaswinder (Meriam Abbas), an avid marine researcher, is attacked at the Northern Irish research station by an unknown thief. The highly secret documents are in danger – and Jaswinder won’t tell the children the whole truth. Back in Germany, in the harbor town of Weesemünde on the Baltic Sea, they have a strange encounter with the garbage mogul Robert Fleckmann (Heino Ferch), who seems to know more about Jaswinder’s research than she had anticipated. The events come to a head when Jaswinder disappears without a trace from the research ship one night. They quickly realize that Fleckmann is not the only one who had a reason to kidnap Jaswinder. Even the coastal fishermen of Weesemünde seem to dislike. And then there’s Jaswinder’s research assistants Patrizia (Sonja Gerhardt) and Oliver (Max Riemelt), who have behaved very strangely lately. Who can the kids trust?  

Christian Theede returns to direct the second feature film of the Peppercorns THE PEPPERCORNS AND THE TREASURE OF THE DEEP SEA, a rousing adventure film full of humour and gripping twists and turns written by Dirk Ahner.  

The award-winning children’s TV series "The Peppercorns", produced by LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION on behalf of the ARD under the direction of the NDR, has become an integral part of the ARD’s family program for 20 years.    

THE PEPPERCORNS AND THE TREASURE OF THE DEEP SEA is a production by LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION (producers: Michael Lehmann, Holger Ellermann) in co-production with Nordfilm (co-producer Kerstin Ramcke), the ARD/NDR (NDR Commissioning Editors: Ole Kampovski, Sandra Le Blanc -Marissal), Senator Filmproduktion (co-producer: Sonja Ewers), and with Studio Hamburg UK as the service producer in Northern Ireland (Vivien Muller-Rommel). The project is supported by the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Nordmedia, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung and Northern Ireland Screen.  

Wild Bunch Germany will launch THE PEPPERCORNS AND THE TREAUSRE OF THE DEAP SEE in cinemas nationwide.  

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