Effective immediately, the Studio Hamburg Production Group is equally represented in the United Kingdom through a wholly owned subsidiary. Based at its head office in London, Studio Hamburg UK (ltd.) is in charge of developing and producing fictional programme content in English. The intention is to realise high-quality commercial projects for TV and the cinema targeted to the international market using established screenwriters and young, up-and-coming talent. Managing director is Vivien Muller-Rommel, who is responsible for the strategic expansion of business relations on the part of Studio Hamburg extending into the UK and the international market. She reports to Michael Lehmann, the chairman of the executive board for the Studio Hamburg Production Group.  

With Vivien Muller-Rommel in a capacity as managing director, Studio Hamburg UK has a seasoned, well-versed professional at the helm with in-depth knowledge of the British film ‘landscape.’ Ms Muller-Rommel has been at home in the British film and TV industry for roughly ten years and accumulated experience in the commercial sector and at public-sector institutions. She had previously been active in development, purchasing and international production, as well as in sales, distribution and funding. In her most recent position she worked for the British Film Institute.  

“We are very glad to have found an experienced producer for our British firm in the person of Vivien Muller-Rommel. With her profound knowledge of the international film industry and her expertise encompassing both production and film funding, she is going to contribute decisively to the success of our programme content in English,” according to Michael Lehmann, chairman of the executive board for the Studio Hamburg Production Group.  

“I have an absolute passion for international productions. The UK is the international centre for creative filmmakers in the field of developing and producing content in English. Which makes it only natural to found a company here,” says Vivien Muller-Rommel. “With Studio Hamburg UK and the strong German parent company as a basis, I am convinced that I have found an ideal prerequisite for having new, interesting formats originate for the English-speaking market. We are pleased to be able to develop a biopic about the life of Madame Tussaud for the international movie-theatre market as a first project together with our Swiss partner, C-Films AG, and Anne Walser as producer.”  

Prior to her capacity at Studio Hamburg UK, Ms Muller-Rommel shared responsibility for areas including cultural exchange, international co-production and film export at the BFI Film Fund. Before that she was employed by The Weinstein Company and Universal Pictures International. At the latter she assumed a central role in expanding the German portfolio. Ms Muller-Rommel possesses abundant experience in the independent film sector as well, among others as a co-founder of  2Dcinema, a popup cinema project that specialises in film screenings at universities in the UK.                  

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